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Zumba - Aerobics Fitness Classes in Chandigarh - Panchkula.

Zumba was founded in 1998 by Pérez in Cali, Colombia. Pérez, an aerobics instructor, forgot to bring his regular music to his aerobics class. He happened to have cassette tapes of Latin dance music—salsa and merengue—and danced to them instead, which Pérez later taught as “Rumbacize”. We are one of the top best classe for zumba, aerobics fitness classes in chandigarh and panchkula with certified instructors.

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Yoga Classes

Yoga is an integrated system of self-transformation that empowers you to realize your full potential. The journey begins as you revitalize the body through postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. It deepens as you learn to focus awareness, enabling you to enter meditative states that awaken compassion and clear the mind. You may have come to yoga to increase your flexibility, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself sleeping more deeply than you have since long, or able to concentrate more easily at work.